Food security!  At our very core, we are dedicated to delivering water efficiency products to the market, alleviating the future stress of our world's most precious resource.   As a disruptive agricultural technology company, our Aquifer Pipe is reinventing the irrigation paradigm for agriculture by conserving more than 50% water usage and 60% energy consumption over the current traditional irrigation methods.  


Why: Due to water scarcity and population growth, food security is a growing worldwide concern. The United Nations projects the population will grow from 7 billion today to 9 billion by 2050. This will require farmers to produce 70% more yields than they do today.

How: Aquifer Pipe is a climate-resilient tool that applies water efficiently to crops with little waste from evaporation or deep percolation. The pipe can act as:
a subsurface rain catch basin underground which increases dry farming yields. 
a drain pipe during unseasonably wet climate changes that prevents crop damage
a creative urban farming tool that meets health codes for greywater irrigation 

Who benefits from the aquifer pipe? Any farmer, from the substance poor farmer in a third world country to the large industrial farmer in the corn belt of the USA. We enable the poor farmer access to the aquifer pipe through a creative exchange of dirty plastic for pipe lengths. For the large industrial farmers, the pipe is mechanically installed like drain pipes at a very low cost per acre.