Our modeling can match:
10yr to 30yrs projects life cycles, with
Variable size of MWh curtailment revenue recovery
Time of year segmentation

Y: Curtailment revenue recovery:  Our innovation  enables the farm industry to shift from a 72 hour energy use requirement to a define solar optimization period between 9am to 3pm, with 5 minute increments. We control the network of irrigation systems.

X:  The curtailment market value lost in California (curtailment revenue lost is a global issue)
The economic wholesale value lost to curtailment in 2018 for California is estimated at 10.2 million, and 2019 at 24.6 million, a growth of 240%.

The XYZ of Drought Diet Product Curtailment - Business Model

Z: Who buys our spot market curtailment purchase service
a) Solar farm developers and operators – we assure the financial model works.
b) Grid operators -  a way to groom the grid of over commitment volumes
c) Farmers – to capture the cost savings directly.

Need to cover your exposure to curtailment revenue lost.   Talk to us, we can structure assured revenue in extreme over supplied markets. 

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