Drought Diet Products is a the holding company to develop niches for the Aquifer Pipe patent. This is the next evolution in irrigation, just as sprinklers innovated the 1930's, and drip in the 1960's, the Aquifer Pipe is a subsurface wicking system Creating virtual water table at the buried depth of the Aquifer Pipe.  One (1') foot for landscaping and five (5’)  feet for orchards.

By applying water at the roots of plant we avoid water lost to evaporation, and over spray.  By avoiding water lost to evaporation we have already seen water reduction by 50%

Founded in 2016 – the Greywater Years.
First invented to irrigate lawns with greywater. Greywater is the reuse of laundry water and shower water to irrigate landscapes. Everyone said you could not do it, but now we have beautiful lawns irrigated from below using water that once was just flush down the drain.

You can find our Do It Yourself (DIY) greywater irrigation equipment under the brand name Grey4Green.com.  This group is now moving into the commercial property market collecting condensation from air conditioners and bathroom sinks and reusing this for landscape irrigation.

In both the residential market and the commercial market we encourage growing lush landscapes to keep the urban environment cool and to use trees or vines to cut heat gain on buildings. We find that the economic energy savings from cooling a house or a building is greater than the economic savings of the water, thus encourage each project should look at both.

Agriculture 2019:
Early in the development of the Aquifer Pipe we had multiply University Professors who encourage our development in to agriculture. The scientific logic pointed to Net Zero Water farming as one of the greatest changes for farmers worldwide.

We dabble in agriculture since the start of the company but not till 2019 did we get serious on offering a solution. We started to see more groundwater stress in our home state of California and around the world. Seeing documentaries of multigeneration farms going dry and out of business was saddening. Watching older farmers talking and welling up about groves that they planted ask kids and played in being sacrifice so other parts of the farm can survive. Groundwater wells that pump 300 gallons a minute when drilled, dropping to 30 gallons or worst drying up.

Knowing we had a solution we could not wait for research grants to pay for the studies and early product production. We moved forward and produce a large 6 inch diameter for early adopter orchard farmers. The goal is to get small forty foot sections of the Aquifer Pipe to these innovative farmers, allowing them and their teams to work out the best practices before moving into larger tracks of orchards.  

Net Zero Water Farming
Is the concept of reducing irrigation use by 50% over drip by eliminating water lost to evaporation and deep peculation during the summer growing months. We call this natural leakage. Then in the winter and spring runoff months. Using the Aquifer Pipe to recharge the groundwater an equal amount of water that was used in the summer. Creating a zero balance on the groundwater table. Of course what we need to get to is a net positive groundwater – but that is the next challenge.


Our Core:
We are a creative group that is environmentally mission driven. We share a passion about efficient water utilization. That word ‘utilization” is important to our core tenant. It means we think how best to utilize the water resource. That could mean reusing water twice as in greywater, then using greywater to grow trees to shade buildings for reduce energy, and using the trees to clean the greywater naturally for transpiration. In that case water was utilize three times and carbon reduction was quantifiable.

When the team at Drought Diet Products thinks about water utilization. We know it has the ability to empower much more, that water benefits have even greater good for world. You will find we have special project around growing more native plants for biodiversity, carbon reduction models and renewable energy curtailment solutions.  These part of our deep in understanding water utilization. Here are a few of the solutions for specialize niches.

Energy:  Overcapacity Curtailment Prevention: The ability to offtake energy when renewable energy is over produce
Energy: Passive Neighborhood Design
Energy: Carbon Reduction Modeling
Food: Food Energy Water nexus ( FEW)
Greywater Energy Nexus
Ground Water Recharge – Urban Waste Water Subsurface Infiltration Fields.